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April 22nd, 2010

[FIX] Another StarCraft 2 lag fix

starcraft 2, by sultanaf.

Aside from the previous fix I posted, I have another fix for the in-game lag in StarCraft 2. The lag could be caused by the GPU rendering the frames at max speed which might cause the video card to overheat and slow down the game.

The following will help by telling StarCraft 2 to limit the behavior:

  1. Open My Documents\StarCraft II Beta\variables.txt using Notepad (or any other text editor)
  2. Add the following two lines to the file:
  3. Save the txt file and you’re done.

The frameratecapglue variable controls menu screens framerates. The frameratecap controls the in-game framerate. I have chosen 60 as I am running this game on a laptop (60 is the max refresh rate for my monitor) but you can choose any number that fits your configuration.

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Responses to “[FIX] Another StarCraft 2 lag fix”

  1. hey thanks i havent tried it yet but am sure it will work. ive been having this problem also and its been confusing since i have good system specs, amd 64 x2 proccesor nvidia geforce video card 128 vram(i run on lowest graphixs) and everything else i though was good enough for me to play without lag or freezing. but it seems that when in the menus its a little choppy , it takes forever to start games people actually ask me why it took so long, the games very laggy but its playable that only problem is when the games over and i try to exit or surrender it takes atleast 2min to to the score screen and thats the main problem. ill comment again if your post didnt help

    That Guy at
  2. hey it was no help, send me an email if you know any way i can fix my problem. i already said my sys specs and it was bought in 2005 or 6 but it was really good then and was vista compatible so i assume it should still be able to run sc2 not only that but it has amd 64 x2 which is a recomended core for sc2. if theres anything i can download or get please let me know. also when i upgraded this labtop to windows 7(not sure if i should have since 7 needs 1gb of ram and mine had 512, i used ready boost on a 2 gb flash drive and it helps alot) something happened and all my drivers forgot who they were or something, windows no longer recognizes them i had to do some searching for the right ones, but there are some i cant find since there listed under other devices i dont know where to start or look. at first i couldnt run sc2 because it couldnt find my systems video card i had no clue what it was since i got it a while ago and the computer didnt either, i search on my comp specs online and narrowed it down to 3 or 4 drivers types and brands but thats prettymuch it. i trid downloading someone and the only one that stuck was nvid geforce so thats what am using i have no clue if thats its real driver though. but whenever i talk to someone on sc2 they say there using xp, my thought is if xp can run it with no problem what going on with windows 7.

    That Guy at
  3. I had this problem for quite a while. I’m running on a high end CPU so I was absolutely certain my computer would be able to run Starcraft at Ultra, but the lag made it unplayable. I couldn’t even play it at low settings.
    Every other solution was firewall related (which was also configured correctly), so I had to give up the game entirely until I stumbled across this post, which fixed my problem completely. Thanks man!

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