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Offline Viewer – BlackBerry PlayBook

Description: Offline Viewer allows the user to view webpages saved locally. Simply click the open button and pick the webpage you wish to view. It’s that simple.

Price: FREE

Get Offline Viewer on AppWorld

FlashLight – BlackBerry PlayBook

Description: Use your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ as a flashlight in dark environments.

Price: FREE

Get FlashLight on AppWorld

Kaantaa Web Page

This is the first assignment for the Web Development course I took. The goal of this assignment was to produce a client side view for a translation application. Each column is a different language and the user can add or remove translations for existing words or create new ones.

The project is done purely in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. There is no back-end for this particular web page and thus every changes made will be reset once the page is reloaded.

Check out the Kaantaa Project here.

In the following assignments, I created a backend for the Kaantaa page using Pylons and enhanced the front end page with AJAX enabled functionality. I will post that up soon.

Nokia N95 – Minutes Manager Application

I will post up the source code and the install file for the Minutes Manager application I wrote for Nokia N95 soon!

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